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Country Roads

16,400 pounds of litter collected

Starting with LitterPic is a breeze.

It's crucial that we come together and do something about litter. Our goal should be to encourage and inspire others to join in the fight against it. A cleaner and healthier environment is vital to enhancing everyone's quality of life. Let's collaborate and make a constructive difference in creating a better tomorrow. Share your stories and photos and Inspire Change.

  • To begin, pick a time and place you want to clean. You do not need to seek sponsorship from the city, but if you need any resources or support, feel free to contact them. Consult our Events Calendar for any local events already scheduled in your area.

  • It's more enjoyable to pick with others! Spread the word by sharing your picking plans on social media. Reach out to local environmental groups to invite them to participate with you.

  • Stay safe by wearing fluorescent safety gear available at your local hardware store. Get your hands on our LitterPic branded fluorescent t-shirts and safety vests by donating to support the LitterPic initiative. Contact us via email to learn more about how you can score some branded merchandise.

  • Please take a picture before you start and then another after you finish, and post them on this site to share your efforts and inspire others to join the fight for a healthier, cleaner planet.

Click on the posts below to see more pictures!

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