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Founded in 2022, LitterPic believes in creating a better environment by cleaning litter from roads, parks, and beaches. We believe small collective actions have significant impacts. Next time you walk down the street, get lunch at a local restaurant or grab a coffee at the doughnut shop. If you see some litter, pick it up and brighten someone's day!

LitterPic Inc. Board of Directors


Alek Babich  - President & Executive Director

A software engineer by trade, I've been passionate about the environment ever since I can remember. I saw a need for a change, and this year decided to start LitterPic Inc. to make a difference and inspire others to lend a hand in cleaning litter from our roads, beaches, and parks!


Mel Tolman  - Vice President

I love dogs and gardening.  I aim to learn and practice sustainable gardening with no pesticides or fertilizer and plant flowers and vegetables native to our area.  These small actions will help preserve our environment and sustain our pollinators, birds, butterflies, and bees!  We need to take care of our planet, and we can make a difference, one step at a time!


Sally Weiss  - Secretary

As a native of beautiful Mount Desert Island, ME, I am passionate about the environment and keeping it healthy for future generations. I believe that everybody must do their part to contribute to a sustainable future, and I am excited to join the LitterPic initiative to help inspire others to do the same. Get outside!


Jennifer Babich  - Treasurer

I enjoy cooking, baking, and seeing new places with my family. When driving to a new destination, first impressions are everything, and seeing trash on the road isn't fun. We like to repeat trips to areas that are taken care of and clean; it makes the experience more pleasant and unforgettable. I join LitterPic to make a difference, to make the destination clean!


Jason Toussaint  - Board Member

As someone who has enjoyed the outdoors their entire life, I believe taking care of and preserving the environment around us is essential. If everyone does their part, we can keep this planet beautiful and help protect the land, water, and animal species that are in danger from pollution. If we all could do even a little bit now, we can make a difference for ourselves and future generations.



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